fare fare [feə ǁ fer] noun [countable] TRAVEL
the price paid to travel by plane, train etc:

• With cheaper air fares, travelers have more vacation choices.

• South Yorkshire's low bus fares are persuading drivers to leave their cars at home.

• Children under 14 travel half fare.

• Only half of the passengers had paid full fare.

ˌadvance ˈpurchase fare also ˈapex fare TRAVEL
a cheap plane or train fare that must be bought a particular number of days before you travel:

• These bargain advance purchase fares require you to have a Saturday-night stayover.

• new all-year-round low apex fares

ˈbusiness ˌclass ˌfare TRAVEL
a fare designed for business people that can be exchanged, Cancelled etc without charge:

• British Airways is undercutting rival business class fares by up to 40%.

ˈcoach fare TRAVEL
a standard air fare that costs less than the first class fare but is more expensive than the cheapest fares:

• Most business fliers travel on full coach fares that are readily acceptable for travel on any available flight.

ˈexcess ˌfare TRAVEL
1. an amount of money a passenger has to pay if they want to change from a lower class of seat to a higher one on a train, plane etc
2. an amount of money a passenger has to pay when they do not have the right ticket for their trip
ˈfirst-class ˌfare TRAVEL
a plane or train fare with the best seats, meals etc:

• Profit margins on first-class fares are often 10 times greater than they are in economy class.

off-ˈpeak ˌfare TRAVEL
a fare at a time of the day, week, or year when not many people travel:

• The limits on fare increases apply to most rush-hour commuter fares, but not to off-peak fares.

ˌone-way ˈfare TRAVEL
a fare for travel to a place, but not back again; = single fare Bre:

• Continental Airlines has announced new one-way fares from the US to Europe.

ˌopen-ˈjaw ˌfare TRAVEL
a fare for travel to a place and travel back from a different place, the passenger making other travel arrangements between the two places
ˈpeak fare TRAVEL
a fare at a time of the day, week, or year when a lot of people travel:

• Peak fares are available noon Thursday through noon Monday.

ˈpeak ˌseason ˈfare TRAVEL
a fare at a time of the year when a lot of people travel:

• KLM announced sharply lower peak season fares to the US from Amsterdam.

reˈturn fare BrE= , ˈround-trip fare TRAVEL
a fare for travel to a place and back again:

• I agreed to take the job in London as long as I was given the return fare.

• US Airlines cut round-trip fares for Thanksgiving holiday travel.

ˈsingle fare TRAVEL
a fare for travel to a place but not back again; = ONE-WAY FARE:

• Virgin is offering return tickets to New York from Heathrow for £386; the single fare is £203.

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fare UK US /feər/ noun [C] TRANSPORT
the price you pay for a trip on a bus, train, plane, etc.: »

How much is the fare to Brussels?

bus/train/rail, etc. fare »

Bus fares in the capital will rise from next month.

plane/air fare »

Some economists say that the age of cheap air fares is over.


The full fare can be as much as $400.

US »

a one-way/round trip fare

UK »

a single/return fare

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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